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The Other Art Fair Melbourne May 2017

The Wild Swan Art Group showing at an International Festival in Malaysia.
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Currently showing at Kunching International Festival of Music and Art

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Blue series Cynthia Ellis 2015 oil on linen

The Wild Swans Art Group

Gallery Opera Labo

Nishi Ku Kobe

Towards Uncharted Aesthetic Horizons

Duncan McKay, Connie Petrillo Caspar Fairhall, Kevin Robertson, Cynthia Ellis, Peter Davidson, Michael Doherty, John Cullinane, Chelle Bourne, Lynne Norton and Diokno Pasilan

Exhibition at Gallery Opera Labo

Nishi - Ku Kobe


On April 28th 2016 The Wild Swan Arts Group was formed and the artists will now work towards the group's first international exhibition in Japan at Gallery Opera Labo in Seishin Chuo Nishi Ku, Kobe in June 2016. The following artists are represented in the exhibition:

Duncan McKay, Connie Petrillo Caspar Fairhall, Kevin Robertson, Cynthia Ellis, Peter Davidson, Michael Doherty, John Cullinane Chelle Bourne, Lynne Norton and Diokno Pasilan

Most of the aforementioned artists began their artistic careers in Western Australia and all except two still live in Perth. This group of artists is significant because of their successful careers with many represented in significant collections including those of The National Gallery of Australia, The Art Gallery of Western Australia, International Art Museums and major Australian Universities, Hospitals, Corporate and Private collections.

Currently, these artworks from The Wild Swans Art Group are gathering at the edge of the old Kyoto foreign lands, (as it was known around the time when the Tale of Genji was written around the 11th century) in Seishin Chuo, Nishi Ku - Kobe behind Akashi in Hyogo Prefecture at Gallery Opera Labo run by Gallerist and Soprano Makiko Karitani. Gallery Opera Labo presents a unique opportunity for The Wild Swans Art Group given its connection with Opera and particularly because Opera singers and artists have a long and distinguished relationship in collaborating over the centuries.

Makiko Karitani

Sopranos and Tenors have performed in front of artists' studio paintings for their friends and local communities from around the 17th and 18th centuries and this historical relationship between opera and painting is the inspiration for Gallery Opera Labo's owner Makiko who, in 2014, performed a Collaboration Opera Performance/Painting at the Sunmoon Boutique Resort, Scarborough in Perth, Western Australia.

Such cultural exchanges have the potential to promote peace, harmony and educational learning through aesthetic transfers of knowledge that no doubt will be achieved in this first exhibition of the Wild Swans Art Group from Western Australia. Please kindly accept this invitation. If you require any further information about the exhibition please direct your enquiries to Makiko Karitani; her contact details are below.

Gallery Operalabo



The Wild Swan Art Group オープニングパーティー】65日日曜日12:0015:00(参加費無料)


Gallery Operalabo神戸市西区竹の台6-3プラウドシティ


Loop Tide : Cynthia Ellis 2015 oil paint on Belgium Linen
Cynthia Ellis
loop tide 2015 oil on Belgian Linen

Cynthia Ellis
Claremont Art Award Winner 2014

... if I stay quiet I can hear the river sing on a windless day. 2014
Oil paint on belgian linen
image: Town of Claremont photographer

.... if I stay quiet, I can hear the river sing on a windless day.
oil paint on belgian linen
91cm W x 120 cm H x 5 cm D

image: Cynthia Ellis

image: Cynthia Ellis

New Work 2015

E / oil paint on canvas
oval 30 cm x 40 cm


This is where I live with my head up in the clouds, where I dream of
accolades of applause and praise for my painting

oil on Belgium Linen
46 cm (W) x 61 cm (H) x 8 cm (D)


River Walk A; I’ve always dreamt of living on an island with Palm Trees
oil paint on belgium linen 2014
20 cm x 26 cm x 10cm
Cynthia Ellis

River Walk B; I’ve always dreamt of living on an island with Palm Trees
Cynthia Ellis

blue green light painting
blue green light painting 2014 oil on linen 190 cm (H) x 120 cm (W)
image: Cynthia Ellis


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Palette in Red 2013

oil on canvas on ply
Cynthia Ellis
image : Pippa Tandy

image: Cynthia Ellis

no.3 copy

image: Cynthia Ellis


Read the review by David Bromfield here

Melody Smith Gallery

Fringe World

Closes 2 February 2014
Cynthia Ellis for further enquires


Janet Holmes A Court Gallery
Vasse Felix

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works in exhibition
all inquiries contact the Janet Holmes ‘A Court Gallery at Vasse Felix

Veronica paintings 1-4

Artist Statement
The Veronica Paintings
I began to think of these paintings before my grand daughter Veronica was born. She has grown to an energetic young child. I hope my paintings have also grown, have flowered in the eyes and the imagination.
I first conceived them as simple black and white gestures. I have worked with dense, thick masses of oil paint for many years. This can ‘take’ my gestures in four dimensions. I love the way the paint dries slowly over several months coalescing them into frozen constellations, like a night sky with nebulae however slowly remain in motion.
As time passed it seemed that the work needed colour, the crisp tones of a spring morning. With my technique, it is possible to reposition and re-engage sections of the gesture in a new whole, to balance spontaneity with consideration.
Most of my public works are very large. In a sense the Veronica paintings are a small section of a large beautiful landscape, a discrete tune in a long symphony.

Veronica of the Veronica paintings

Veronica inspecting micraphone opening at Vasse Felix 6 October 2013

black yellow

IMG_1420 IMG_1422

Veronica 3 (top) and 4(bottom)

Veronica 1
unable to display image


untitled diptych 2011
oil on canvas stretched poa

image: Cynthia Ellis



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